Lumber For Landscaping: What Should I Use?

Spring has arrived, which means it’s time to tackle those landscape makeover projects. Whether you’re a contractor or homeowner, you have some choices when it comes to outdoor building materials, and two of the most popular are landscape ties and railroad ties. The benefits and disadvantages of using either depend on what kind of project you have, but one thing is universal: Buying wholesale lumber will save you time, money, and plenty of headaches.

Landscape Ties or Timbers

Landscape ties are versatile and come in a wide variety of wood types, which means you can make a choice that helps to fully customize your landscaping project. Landscape ties or timbers are environmentally friendly and sustainable, and can be cut to virtually any specification to meet your needs. 

This option lends itself to more decorative landscaping projects because they’re easy to work with and can be cut at many angles. Landscape ties aren’t treated with chemicals, but they are naturally rot- and insect-resistant, which means they stand the test of time for outdoor projects that are garden-adjacent or near where children play.

However, remember that not all landscape ties are created equal. Almost any wood type can become a landscape tie so make sure to pick your wood carefully. While some woods are resistant to rot, others are not. Some wood types are exponentially more expensive than others and costs can add up. 

Some of the best project ideas for landscape timbers or ties include garden boxes, sandboxes, children’s playgrounds, benches, trellis fixtures for growing vines, and borders for landscape areas or around trees. Landscape ties aren’t great for permanent structures like sheds, playsets, or storage buildings.

Railroad Ties

Railroad ties have been used for generations and have a somewhat iconic following. After all, if it’s good for this country’s railways, it’s good for your landscaping projects. Their size and natural resiliency make them ideal for outdoor living and decorating.

This option consists of a list of different types of wood, and while you may not know what kind exactly is in the railroad tie you get, it must be a wood that’s durable enough to stand up to tons of railroad traffic daily. Railroad ties can stand up to heavy traffic areas in landscaping like steps or retaining walls.

The same thing that makes railroad ties so sturdy is one of their biggest drawbacks. Because they are difficult to cut and work with and are best used in their most durable 6-foot or 8-foot standard sizes; that means that more complicated landscape projects are better off using landscape timbers. Use railroad ties for non-edible garden raised beds, garden steps, area dividers, and flower boxes.

Railroad ties are also treated with creosote oil, a preservative that will seep into the ground around it and make growing vegetables and edible plants poisonous. They’re also not a good idea in areas where bare hands and feet might come into contact with them so keep them away from children’s play areas.

Once you’ve decided on which type of lumber you’re going to use for your landscaping project, it’s time to visit us. By working with a local lumber company with connections around the country, you’ll get top-quality customer service all while supporting your local community. If you’re a contractor, you won’t worry about supply issues, and if you’re a homeowner, you’ll get professional guidance on choosing the right lumber.

We have the landscaping materials necessary to enhance a yard, divide it, or add more outdoor living space to create beautiful results for you and your family. From pressure-treated lumber to child- and pet-safe, chemical-free timbers that are ideal for gardening, our customized products cover all the bases.

Unlike other lumber companies or the big-box home improvement stores, we make customer service a priority. When you call our office, you can have the peace of mind that our friendly team members will connect you with the products you need. Our in-house sawmill means we can meet your specifications, including 6×6 landscape ties 6×8 landscape ties. 

We pride ourselves on delivering attentive customer service, responsiveness, and customization, so you can always have what you need on time and budget. Reach out when you’re ready to start your next landscaping project.