A Guide to Wood Fences

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to embark on a DIY project or a contractor who’s looking to start offering fence-building as a service, there are absolutely right and wrong ways to build wood fences.

Why Build a Wood Fence?

The obvious reason is privacy, but there are plenty of other reasons that a homeowner decides to build a fence on their property.

  • Security: Want to keep your family and possessions safe from intruders? A high fence is a smart option for security.
  • Boundaries: Don’t quibble with neighbors about where the property lines are. Put up a fence as a visual reminder instead.
  • Noise: If the home is located near a roadway, homeowners can use tall, thick fences to help muffle the noise of street traffic.
  • Pets and Kids: The same fences that can keep intruders out can also keep pets and children contained safely in the yard.
  • Curb Appeal: Enhance current landscaping and conceal other areas (like trash cans) with a decorative and stylish wooden fence.

Which Wood Do I Choose?

Because the fence will likely be visible to passersby, the wood used for fences needs to be high-quality and uniform in grain and appearance. Choose from deluxe, premium, or clear grades of wood; while they’re more expensive they’re also more durable and uniform.

Pine, fir, and spruce are top choices for residential wooden fencing. They are pressure-treated to help prevent rot and termite damage and can be painted or stained. Cedar and cypress are more expensive choices but they have natural oils that help to repel insects, which is a feature that homeowners love. Redwood is the most expensive choice although it’s the most premium type of wood used for fencing.

Consider the Budget

Part of the wood choice is the homeowner’s budget. Fences can require large amounts of wood, more so as the height and thickness of the fence increases. While it may be nice to dream about luxury wood, it may not necessarily yield ROI to go this route. Start by visiting wholesale lumber distributors first to get a better feel of what’s available in the quantity that’s needed to complete the job.

Unlike other wholesale lumber distributors, we use our own in-house sawmill to ensure your satisfaction with every order. Whether you are looking for wholesale hardwood timbers, wholesale SPF, wholesale SYP, wholesale OSB, wholesale plywood, or wholesale pine, we have what you need.

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Caring For a Wood Fence

Several factors go into the longevity of a wood fence, including wood choice and regular maintenance. Caring for wooden fences can protect the wood from weathering, damage, cracking, or rot. Once the fence is fully installed, treat the wood with a sealant appropriate for the wood type.

If you’re a homeowner, speak to us about caring for the wood you decide to purchase for the project. Contractors, you should be educating your homeowners on best practices or even offering maintenance packages to help keep fences in top shape.

Consider Landscape Ties

Are you considering treated landscape ties for your fencing project? We provide high-quality treated hardwood landscape ties. No need to worry about supply issues when you choose us as your landscape tie partner. We can ship treated landscape ties wholesale direct in truckload quantities with delivery to your project site.

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