Working With a Wholesale Lumber Supplier

Construction and landscaping contractors need the skill to get the job done, but they also need the right materials at the right price to stay on budget as well. Wholesale lumber suppliers can help provide those materials in a timely and cost-efficient way — those are just a few of the benefits of this partnership.

What does a wholesale lumber supplier do?

The general definition of a wholesaler is someone that buys goods in large quantities from manufacturers or distributors. The wholesaler then stores those goods and sells them to other businesses. Goods are purchased in high volumes at once, which lowers the overall price of the purchase.

Lumber wholesalers buy — you guessed it — hardwood and softwood lumber in large quantities from sources like sawmills. They then sell that lumber to retailers like big box home improvement stores, homebuilders, contractors, and even lumber yards, most of which would be local to the wholesaler.

What are the benefits of working with a whole lumber supplier?

There’s a long list of benefits, but some top the list.

Quick delivery: Buying from a wholesale lumber supplier means you’re supporting a local business. That translates to shorter delivery times, better customer service, and stimulation of the local economy. You can also have access to on-demand ordering with little notice.

Custom/special orders: Do you have a special request for lumber that’s not readily available in the big-box store? Great — head to a wholesale lumber supplier! They have built a large network of sources with a variety of lumber, and they’re sure to know how you can get what you need.

Expertise: When you go to a big box store, the employees need to know a little bit about a lot of different things in the store. When you go to a lumber wholesale supplier, you’ll work with employees that know a lot about one thing: lumber!

Discount: Because wholesale lumber suppliers get high volumes of lumber at a discounted rate, they can pass that savings onto their customers. That goes a long way towards helping contractors win a bid based on lower-priced construction materials.

Volume: Working with a lumber wholesaler means you can procure large volumes of lumber in a single purchase. When you’re a contractor working on large-scale projects, this ability saves from making several different purchases based on a supplier’s inventory restrictions.

How do I choose the right wholesale lumber supplier?

Not all wholesale lumber suppliers are created equal, and it takes a little research.

  • Take a look at the business’s reputation. Look at reviews and ratings online, or even talk to your industry peers about who they choose to supply their wholesale lumber.
  • Think about sustainability: Local wholesale lumber suppliers put much less stress on the environment, especially on a hyperlocal level.
  • Research market prices to understand how much you should be paying for lumber, and then compare that average price to the lumber price of your wholesaler.
  • Pick a lumber wholesaler whose quality you can expect in-person (versus ordering online.) Go to the lumber yard to see the product in person and ensure it’s up to your standards.
  • Talk to the lumber wholesale directly to get a better idea of their customer service. If they’re not friendly or you’re not happy with your service, strike them off the list.

What else do I need to know about wholesale lumber suppliers?

Remember that wholesale lumber suppliers measure in quarters and not inches. A board that’s two inches thick would be measured as 8/4 and shrinks a bit after being sawn and dried — it would be more like 1 and ⅞ inches thick (versus the 2” thickness that was initially measured.)

Ready to find a local wholesale lumber supplier right here in Missouri? Norman Lumber is ready to be that partner. Located on the edge of the Mark Twain National Forest, we work with the U.S. Forest Service, the Missouri Department of Conservation, private landowners, and independent loggers to source timber for our sawmill operation.

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