Working With a Lumber Wholesaler: A Guide for Retail Businesses

For retail stores that specialize in DIY-ing, home improvement, and construction, it makes the most sense to work with a lumber wholesaler to save money — but that’s just one of the benefits of this partnership. 


It may be tempting to be lured into big box stores to buy lumber, but there’s a reason that their prices are so low. That’s because they tend to sacrifice the quality of lumber in exchange for lower costs. Lumber wholesalers depend on their reputation for providing the highest quality wood at the most cost-efficient prices, so you can count on a different (higher) standard.


We’re not talking about price, here. We’re talking about the cost of using wood from a lumber wholesaler and not a big box store. Using higher-quality wood from a wholesaler means a longer lifespan and lower overall costs. Remember: Big box stores sell more than just lumber (unlike wholesalers) which means their attention is spread thin when it comes to quality assurance.


As a retailer that may carry several types of inventory, it’s unlikely that your own expertise is focused on wood and lumber. Lumber wholesalers generally have decades of experience in the industry and love to share what they know. By establishing a relationship with a local lumber wholesaler, you can tap into their knowledge base when it comes to giving your own customers what they’re looking for.


Again, because wholesalers are devoted to just lumber, they can solely focus on selling lumber — this isn’t the case for big box stores. They have access to a vast number of forestry businesses and sawmills, and can provide you with a wide variety of specialty, niche, and high-demand lumber products for all types of applications. When your customers need something special-ordered, you can depend on lumber wholesalers to find it for you.


From the time lumber enters the yard of a wholesaler, it is treated like gold — and to some it is. Lumber wholesale operators know what kind of equipment, processes, and tools it takes to care for the lumber so it’s in top shape when retailers pick it up. Big box store employees may not necessarily have the resources to care for lumber like it needs to be. 


Want to buy green building materials for your retail store? Are you a contractor committed to more eco-friendly construction? Shop at a lumber wholesaler; their products are not only organic but they’re also recyclable! Wholesalers get inventory from geographically local suppliers and use every part of the lumber products they receive with very little waste.


As the math works out, it’s always more cost-efficient to buy higher volumes of lumber when you’re a retailer. Lumber wholesalers have more space to store only lumber, and there’s a much higher likelihood that they’ll have what you’re looking for in stock. On the other hand, big box stores may have to special-order larger quantities of lumber, delaying work.


If you’re buying wholesale lumber in higher volumes, you’ll eventually have to transport that lumber to your retail store. Lumber wholesalers have the trucks and manpower to make these deliveries, and the experience to care for your lumber while it’s being transported. If you buy lumber from big box stores, you may not get that flexibility or care.

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